The Importance of Water Heater Installation

When you are ready to install your new water heater, it is important to have all the necessary tools in your tool box. Water heaters require connections to be able to function properly so having the right tools will make the job go smoothly. Before starting your project, turn off all power to your home. Check the power with a continuity tester and check the outlets with a small gauge wire for resistance. If all is well, begin your project.

Tools Remove the water heater’s main electric supply outlet from the wall. Once the outlet has been removed, unplug the water supply and turn off the circuit breaker for the house. Connect a garden hose from the drain hole in the wall to the water heater’s drain line and fill the tank with water. With two pipe connectors, disconnect the main gas line from the union fitting at the flange or flare fitting if the old pipe is metal or galvanized.

Water Heater Installation Place the tank on the floor in a safe area. If the water heater installation is done by a licensed plumber, some precautions should be taken before starting the job. The plumber will need to know the manufacturer’s model number, model year, and type of connection involved. If possible, try to locate a photo of the tankless unit in use so you can have a visual reference. The size and type of connections required will be determined by the current usage in square feet of the water heater and the total square footage of space available.

Water Heater Installation and Testing The licensed plumber will install the pipes for the water heaters. When the pipes are in place, he will then install the heater unit and make any necessary adjustments. New water heaters must be tested and adjusted to proper specifications. Plumbing and electrical wiring must be prepared before the installation process. The warranty on the unit will usually cover water heater installation and repairs by a qualified professional.

Water Heater Installation and Testing If the licensed plumber is not able to complete the water heater installation and testing as requested by the homeowner, there may be a problem. In some cases, if too much pressure builds up, the burner may not be able to heat enough water to adequately heat the home. In other instances, the flue may be clogged with dried leaves, hair, or dirt. A professional will know the exact problem and the proper solutions to correct it before starting the new water heaters installation and testing.

Water Heater Safety One of the most important reasons to have a professional install a tankless water heater installation is the safety of your family and your electric water heater installation. Installing a tankless heater gives homeowners more options for saving money and more efficient use of energy. In addition to providing an environmentally friendly hot water heater installation, they are also much safer than traditional electric heating units. Tankless water heaters heat water with no need for storing water in large tanks. When the hot water heater is turned on and connected to the water mains, hot water is delivered directly to the home. They do not experience the same storage pressures as tanked heaters.

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